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General Questions:

The cost of a website is determined by several factors: the number of pages, if you gonna sell products on the site or not, the degree of interactivity of the site, the complexity of the site, etc.

Website development depends on the size of your site, the complexity of the features and the client program. It usually takes two weeks or three weeks.

No. Once launched, the site will be entirely owned by you. You can always hire a person (or company) to update it for you, but we hope that you will be so pleased with our services that you will also call us in the future.

Once your website is launched, it may take several weeks to appear in the search engine list. The speed of the process depends mainly on the pace at which these search engines update their databases.

Yes. We can include in the code of your site applications that record the traffic on the website. These applications will help you create effective marketing campaigns.

Technical Questions:

Generally, a web company hosts your site on its servers for a monthly or annual fee. The web hosting company guarantees that visitors can access your site anytime and anywhere.

Yes, it will be our pleasure to offer you web hosting and advice on choosing the right hosting package for you.

A domain is the name through which your site will be much easier to find in search engines, for example www.videsign.co.uk (domains can have multiple extensions .com, .net, .org etc.)

Of course we can help you in choosing and registering your domain according to your activity.

There are many ways to update your site and the method you choose depends entirely on you and is influenced by how much information you have on the page (text, pictures) and how it is stored (the database). We can provide you with an online content management system where you can update your site anytime anywhere.

It comes from English: Search Engine Optimization and represents the optimization of content (text, images, etc.) of a website to be indexed by search engines.

The more optimized a page is, the more chance that the page will be listed on top of search engine rankings like Google.

The simplest method of payment is PayPal
Once we have all the information about your future website, we will provide you with the details of your payment.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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