It is said that if you can dream of something, it means that you can create it, that is why I am very proud of every project I finish and I like to see my clients satisfied.

What are the steps you follow?
Let me explain

In general, I have some steps that I follow strictly so that every project I take to be done at the highest quality.

In the first part of the project, I will ask many questions, because I want to get a complete picture of the project and the needs of my client. The more information I have about the project, the better I will be able to focus on realizing it so that both parties are happy with it.

The next step is to start the graphics after I know that the client agrees with my ideas, I start to develop the project according to the client’s needs and preferences.

In most of the projects I took, I had a free choice, but I am happy if the client shares his ideas and needs with me, so I know for sure that once the project is finished he will love it.

When the design is ready and the client is happy with the final result, I start dealing with the website. I install all the software I need and start creating the pages one by one. All this time my client will receive a preview of my work, so I know for sure that I am going where I need to go with the project.

After the website is ready, I present my client with a final preview and discuss if they are the last touches. After the site is finished and the customer is satisfied, I make the last configurations for the site to be live and optimized for search engines.

What do I work with?
I love working with the latest software appeared, I want to offer my clients everything that is best for their website. These are most of the programs I work with.
Some questions I get
I often get asked the same questions. I’ve put the most common in this section.
Most of the projects I work on start from £250 and go up to £1000.  This depends on your needs and wants, the design and the functionality.

Between 2 weeks and maximum 1 month. But most of the times it takes longer because of different revisions rounds that we have to go through to get a perfect website. 

You. I don’t own anything of the website. You pay for the website, so it’s your property.

The only thing that I want is to put the website in my portfolio if I want to.